Thursday, May 14, 2009

OMG!! I cannot sleep although I did try lying on my bed. I am not watching any show yet I cannot sleep because I was tempted to drink Starbucks coffee yesterday night. Someone's msn nick wrote "The one who you love most hurts you the most" (something like that, I think) but now I think the one who loves me most and whom I love most hurts me the most. Haha~ No idea what I'm talking about? Anyway, I'm talking about myself. I am so sorry to myself that I didn't take care of myself well. I didn't eat and sleep properly. I know that drinking Starbucks coffee at night can give me a sleepless night. Not like it hasn't happened before but I.. I also don't know why I still drank it yesterday. And yesterday I should have insisted on going home after making the cake and not go down to Orchard to put the cake at Giraffe, then be so fickle-minded and changed to Kbox. Now, I don't know if I love myself or hate myself. If I cannot even love myself, how can I trust anyone else to? Hm.. Something to ponder about. After all, it's better to depend on myself than on others.

Anyway, got to go for a briefing later for 3 hours. Seriously hope that I don't doze off halfway if not I'll be cham. And it's gonna be a long day so.. haiz~ My head and eyes hurt liao.

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