Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am feeling so tired now. Eyes are almost closing yet I wanna blog. And be prepared.. It will be a long one. Haha! On second thoughts, I shall reflect my life as a student another time. When I'm less tired and can do a proper reflection =)

Anyway, first things first..

EXAMS ARE OVER!! HURRAY! Time to party, time

to play. Heehee xD

Today's macro paper sucks. Haiz~ But I prefer not to talk about it. Just glad that it's over. Hope that I can do relatively well or at least pass it =)

After macro paper, I went to Orchard with Louisa to watch 17 Again. Haha~ It's a nice show but I fell asleep in the cinema =.= Guess I was too tired, I really tried my best to keep my eyes open lor =( Before the movie, I actually went to buy the book that Jeff wanted and a card to surprise him but guess I wasn't that good in giving people surprises. Ah yah~ and Jeff flown my aeroplane. Which reminded me.. Lucky Bread and company flew my aeroplane earlier, if not I would have bought a cake for Jeff to pitstop. Then if he didn't come, I would be so paiseh =.= Haha~ I was just telling MH that. Lucky I haven't ordered the cake yet. Next time don't anyhow try to surprise people, you may end up being surprised! Or shocked!

So anyway, I was so sad and disappointed lah.. I was so looking forward to going out and enjoying myself today. But Jeff got OT so I also cannot do anything. Heng, I called Yimei and asked if she's free. And she happened to be free and at home so can accompany me to Swensons and eat ice-cream. Hee~ I ate a main course and ice-cream. So li hai. Photos will (might) be uploaded later. Lolx~ But anyway, thanks for meeting me gal =)

Lastly, yesterday, I almost fainted seeing my UOB bank statement. I spent $500 plus last month. OMG!! Like how on earth did I do that?

PS: Thanks Bao Chuan for the belated birthday gift and Happy Birthday to Guan Zhi. Hee~ All the best in your exams yeah? Cheers!

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