Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am just thinking about how to blog about someone and that someone doesn't know that I'm blogging about him/her. Hm.. Any idea? Coz sometimes although I used "you", that person always seems to know that I'm talking about him/her. Is it that obvious? Would that be like a hypocrite? But sometimes, I wanna avoid direct conflicts. At most, just avoid him/her until I've forgotten about the incident or we have both moved on from being good/close friends to less close/normal friends.

And now I'm thinking.. Why I don't avoid direct conflicts with Jeff? Haha~ Maybe I don't go and avoid it on purpose that's why we keep quarrelling. So should I avoid all those direct conflicts and hurtful words? Would that be better? But if I avoid, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. 心里重是会有一根刺。That's why I prefer to be more direct towards him. Haha~ Even if it means that there will be an argument/someone will be hurt, I still go ahead with it. After all, when the argument/quarrel is over, at least there won't be something stuck in the heart/mind all the time. Hm.. Don't know if it's right or wrong to think this way. But sometimes he also says things which upset and hurt me. Also don't know if it's on purpose.

Oh my~ Life is so complicated.

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