Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beware~ This is going to be a looooong post although it has only been one day ago since I last blogged. Hee~ Am gonna flood you all with photos! xD Let me start with the more recent thingy, like yesterday. By the way, Happy April's Fool yesterday.

After tuition yesterday, I headed down to Bugis to meet Jeffery. Wah.. I really dislike taking the public bus during peak hours. So damn crowded lah! And people kept banging into me. I don't like some unknown strangers touching me or coming near me =.= And the bus is so slow... Haha~ Okie, okie.. Shall stop my ranting~

Went to Silver Corner to look for Saliah and see the rings there. Something caught my eyes but don't have Jeffery's size. So end up, didn't buy. Went to eat KFC. Then we went to the new shopping centre at Bugis. In the end, Jeffery bought a pair of rings at Couple Lab. Hee, thanks dear =)

Next, went to the arcade at Bugis. Jeffery caught Mr Piggy for me. Haha~ Yay!! xD

Mr Piggy, caught by Jeffery for me at Bugis arcade~

2 Piggies together~ Wahaha xD

Me~ Eeyer, I looked so chui coz I slept for practically only 2 hours the night before =(

Today Jeffery came over to my house and I cooked noodles for him. See,I'm so nice. Haha! But seems like 2 days per week isn't working leh =( And I'm really sorry that I have to fly your aeroplane tomorrow. I'm so sad lor, cannot go kbox. Boo hoo~ Don't be mad at me okie? Hope that I've made up for you today! Then hor.. you suddenly change 360 degrees with regards to the flying aeroplane part that I was shocked. However, somehow, the phobia is still there. Cham lah, I'm scared that you will be pissed and wanna pick a quarrel with me. I'm so tired from everything. In no mood to quarrel. And I'm able to cry more easily nowadays. Don't know why leh.. Maybe due to Jeffery~ Haha~ Sob sob~

Sidenote: I can't wait for the exams to end.. and the semester to close. But then, I will begin a new chapter.. Wonder will I detest working life? Hope that I can find a job whereby I will actually look forward to going to work everyday. Hee~ Hard bah, but.. hope so lah. Hope to get a good boss and colleagues and a nice environment and fulfilling job scope. *HOPE HOPE HOPE* *PRAY PRAY PRAY* And I really need to stop being such a worrywart.

Some other random photos..

2nd neoprint~

Sec school friends.. It has been so long~

Nice bear bear =)

What I've prepared for him

My One Month Anniversary gift~ Please allow me to hiam.. Hee~

Ha~ I bought the cakes to celebrate.

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