Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today I read some people's blog and I learnt more about appendicitis. Well, apparently, 1 out of 2,000 people will kenna. Hm.. Anyway, she had her op done at TTSH and have to wait from 8am to 3pm just for the ward and the bed. Like what the.. Hm.. Is that the norm for a subsidized ward? Gosh, how can make a patient wait for so long?!? And got 1 rude nurse. My auntie who just had an appendicitis op done at Mount E was seen to immediately and like no need to wait. And the nurses and doctors there seem nice. Oh well, I suppose that's like the vast difference between private and public hospitals. As the saying goes, money makes the world go round? It is so sad to know of this fact yet actually I already knew all these all along. I just wish that the world can be more fair. Rich people are humans, poor people are too. But I do not support the idea of communism. Okie, I know, once again, I'm contradicting myself =/

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