Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why did you have to break my heart yesterday and ruin my good study mood? But anyway, that's over. Actually, I've been dying to ask how's your mother and your interview but I got to hold myself back. I got to 忍,so as to help you keep your promise. You said I should not make a hasty decision coz now my emotions are haywire and too stressed out. Okie, maybe so. Thus, these 10 days shall be a good test to us. Becoz you wanna go to pitstop so I asked Minhui to organise a pitstop outing. Now, I dunno if I should ask you. Hm...

1 paper down, 3 more to go. I am soooo dreading tomorrow's paper. Stupid EC2374. It's taking up my precious memory space with the amount of things I have to memorise. I need to delete all the EC3371 info to accomodate more memory space. Haha~ How I wish my brain can work like a computer. Can delete what I wanna delete and save what I wanna save. Haiz~ Just a wishful thinking of mine.

Today, Mummy fell sick. I have just cooked noodles. Ah~ I feel so lazy. Haha. Get well soon dear =) And I think something is bothering Jieying. Hope that she can get over it quickly and return to our convo. We miss you. Your presence plays a part =)

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