Friday, April 10, 2009

All of a sudden, I don't know what to blog. Haiz~ Stress level has reached a high point and just now while I was doing the ppt slides, my laptop just black out. =.= Think I've accidentally tugged on the cable or something. Haiz~ Really pek chek leh! Wanna feng liao~ But it's all done already. Nowadays, I can't seem to sleep early. My body clock is officially screwed up.

My jaw still feels sore after the wisdom teeth surgery making me no appetite for food. Is this normal? Going to see the dentist on next Tues to remove the stitches (can't rem the professional name for it). Got to rem to ask her about it. Hope that all will be all right and that I will be back to normal after removing the stitches. I really wanna eat good food and da chan! I wanna eat fried chicken wings, french fries, etc... I don't wanna eat soupy food anymore. Heck, I'm even sick of ice-cream. I've finished 2 tubs of B&J ice-cream all by myself. Haha~ Mummy is going to treat me to a good meal on Tues. Yay! Am looking forward to it.

Just something to note.. Now I can understand and feel a bit for Benben. Think after going through an operation, he felt so miserable, that's why he took it out on us. Maybe becoz he felt really too bored coping up at home. Although my wisdom teeth surgery is a minor one, I also feel very sianz and pek chek now. Cannot eat good food already feel so bu shuang, imagine cannot walk freely. Hm.. Something worth thinking about. Sorry Jeffery for taking it out on you. I realised it is easier to throw your temper at someone closer to you coz they are more concerned about you, that's why they tend to be more naggy. And I really cannot stand being nagged at =.=

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