Thursday, April 23, 2009

It never rains but pours. Wah.. Now I got rashes on my face, and I still haven't recovered from my flu. Alamak~ Exams are coming soon. Not a good time to fall ill =.=

And the least you can do is offer to take me to the doctor. Just having the thought to offer counts lor. Don't really need you to accompany me. And I was disappointed that you did not offer. Well, being disappointed is not really a feeling which I can control. So I really don't understand.. Why do you say that I am not being understanding? I'm not even mad at you. Maybe next time I shouldn't tell you anything which happens to me. Anyway, Minhui, Jeff asked me to ask you.. Would you feel disappointed? Others are welcome to comment too. Okie, good luck Minhui for your remaining papers =)

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