Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As I've said, I will blog about the MKT2413 presentation yesterday. It was okie.. Nothing major has gone wrong (I suppose and hope so). Many classmates have shot us with questions but we have the answers for them as well. Haha~ Some, anyhow crap out one. But I must say, Aaron and Foo Kin are damn good in crapping lah! Anyway, the prof didn't give any of us feedback on how we've done. So.. Hope that we can emerge as the winning team and win $1,000! Haha~

Went through the EC2374 report draft. Hm.. Got some really confusing and repeating parts. Alamak~ I also don't really know how to edit liao. Haiz~ But I've tried my best. Hope that it will turn out well. Need to prepare for the presentation on Thursday. Yesterday, just did the online assessment at the last minute. Oops~ Luckily it's not graded coz my answers are kinda short and.. don't think it's all that great.

And I wanna rant about Singtel! Wah lau~ They anyhow help me to subscribe to colour me tones and happily bill me the charges when I don't even want colour me tones in the first place. What the.. =(

Today, went to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth stitches out. Yay! The dentist said that I'm recovering quite well. Shouldn't be a problem. The soreness in my jaw should be okie by next week. Ha~ I hope so man. Difficult to brush my teeth leh. Went to eat at The Manhattan Fish Marketplace at PS after that. Wah.. So long didn't eat good food. Hee~

After that, went to meet Jeffery at Tampines1 - the new mall in Tampines. Wah.. Damn crowded man. Today is a Tuesday afternoon leh. Why are there so many people out there shopping? Don't they have school or work? Even have to queue to enter Uniglo (forgot the spelling). Went to drink tea at TeaDot. It's a nice cafe =) Anyway, there are many interesting shops at Tampines1, with brands not seen elsewhere. Great~ Wanted to buy a green shirt from NET but it is the last piece already. No new piece, so ended up, didn't buy it. Haiz~ What a pity but.. nvm. Next time go PS branch and see. Probably after the exams. Now, really need to concentrate on my exams first!

Lastly, happy birthday Jenson. Hope that you have enjoyed your day today =) And.. Although I was really tired.. I was in a relatively good mood. Did not throw my temper at all. Haha!

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