Monday, December 12, 2011

Review - Taobao Loots!!

My loots from Taobao have finally arrived! Took 10 days by air shipment. Robin went all the way to Toh Guan to help me collect it. Thanks dear =) Wanted to rant about 6spree service. At first the guy told me that my loots will arrive on 10 Dec which is a Sat so I thought it's good. Can meet him at Bukit  Batok MRT to collect it. But who knows? No updates on 10 Dec so just emailed him again and he said that can collect on Mon but will be at his ulu office in Toh Guan =.=

Oh well~ Forget it! Think I will try 65daigou next time. Let's review the loots now!

Dress: $15.80. The material is so-so.  

Belt: $6.90. I like the bright gold colour. Haha, Quite good. Worth buying =)

Blazer: $21.80. Oops~ Quite dark, can't see clearly but it's really thick and nice. Definitely worth buying. Do take note that it has no button. 

Bag: $16. Quality is not so good. Very hard to pull the zip. But I like the design! I actually bought the wrong size. Wanted to buy the large one but got the medium one instead.

In total, it costs $60.50 plus $29.20 for shipping. Don't know what is the individual shipping charge for each item.


Robin said...

Looks very nice on you dear, everything for you only 

Anonymous said...

Do you have the link for the gold belt?

elderflowertea said...

@pinkbow: Here's the link:

elderflowertea said...

@robin: Thanks!! xD