Saturday, December 17, 2011

MRT breakdown: Don't break the windows, says SMRT

Ok, second last post for the day. I think there has been a big hoo-ha about the train disruptions over this week. Well, I was stuck in a VERY bad traffic jam in the bus lane on 15 Dec, Thurs. I took 2.5 hours to reach home from Clarke Quay. Along the way, I saw many people queuing for taxis at all the taxi stands along Orchard Road. There were also many people calling for cabs, squeezing into the MRT bus shuttle and some people are just sitting by the road pavements. Guess they can't get a cab nor able to squeeze into the bus shuttle.

Anyway, one word to describe the situation: Chaotic. Really chaotic. Guess SMRT really needs to know what to do in an emergency.

I saw this article on The Straits Times website:

I find that Mr Goh Chee Kong is being quite ridiculous. He, as a senior vice-president for communications and services, sucks in proper communication. From what I understand and what I have witnessed on the roads, there wasn't really proper communications to tell commuters what to do. Anyway, if passengers are stuck in the train without any proper ventilation, why can't they break the windows? SMRT allowed the passengers to be stuck in the train without any proper ventilation (very serious hor) and no clue about what to do. What happens if someone (or many someones) died due to suffocation? Who's going to pay back the lives? SMRT?

Personally, I think that the guy who broke the window is a hero. At least he has saved many people. Maybe SMRT should really train their staff on better Community Emergency Preparedness programme. Apparently, it doesn't really come in useful.


robin said...

lifes are definately more important and hopefully no more such incidents anymore

Anonymous said...

What you mean by for breaking others people Property? Eg: if i don't have money for my daily needs, can i break your window and rob your house? Is that call too?

elderflowertea said...

@robin: Yeah.

@anon: WTF lah. He broke it for survival coz his wife is about to faint. U try being stuck inside with no ventilation. U faint inside or die also don't break the window hor.

Anonymous said...

What you mean by HERO for breaking others people Property? Eg: if i don't have money for my daily needs, can i break your window and rob your house? Is that call HERO too?

Anonymous said...

If i got no money for my daily needs i also need help. We are the same but in difference way on expressing out.. Do you understand?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: use your brain la. u no job, you can still get ur lazy ass off the chair and find another source of income.

u trapped inside a train with no oxygen, you can find another source of oxygen a not? or u wan to volunteer one by one cpr all the fainting ppl until you ownself run out of breath?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the "eg" given..

Eg: if i don't have money for my daily needs, can i break your window and rob your house? Is that call HERO too?

The situation is totally different and why would you link it to robbing?... Cos u are interested in the MCD Food Straps?, that's why thought of robbing? -_-

elderflowertea said...

@anon: U no money to eat, u can go to those charitable organizations, see your MP, borrow $$, find job, etc.. There's no need to rob my house. But if u are lack of oxygen in the train cabin, u tell me what else u can do besides breaking the glass?

Use your brain lah =.=

robin said...

to annoy : dont post anything nasty

we dont need your nonsensical rubbish

stop coming to this blog and dont post anymore here

u are not welcome here

coffeeluvsux said...

In emergency when he is lack of oxygen, he can break the window and get the oxugen..HERO?

Im in emergency when i have no money, I break your window and get your money..HERO TOO?

are u sure you are a great blogger or just a copycat who follow the press? Why don't you just copy and paste the whole article? You as a blogger shall have your own brain to think rather than copying.. i think you are a most stupid blogger as i can see from all. Total disgrace of you

coffeeluvsux said...

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Scorpy Dooby Doo said...

mr/miss anoy. when that fellow breaks the window for the sake of LIVING, he is helping EVERYONE in the trapped cabin and not only himself. if u are not even one of the passenger in the stuffy mrt that day, don't even try to act smart and relate everything base on your dumb thoughts.

and who are u to comment about the blog here? are u saying u are one great blogger so u have the authority to post such comment? this is HER blog and she can feel free to post ANYTHING base on her thoughts. if u are so unhappy about what she posted, jolly well get lost for good and dont act like one blardy kid creating a hater account just to post comment. you are just pathetic and please grow up yea?

And who make it a point that ALL blogger must allow ANYONE to post any comment? Even the famous blogger, xiaxue, restrict people from commenting in her blogspot. how about you, going over to comment what you said over here too?

A eg. for u (since i realised u like to eg. alot).. eg. a stranger went to your house and start commenting on the display/design/furniture layout. please lah, you think you will be happy to accept that or you will chase that fellow out with sh!ts? or will u start to improve on the locks and security to let such childish and brainless stranger to enter?

Total disgrace of you (oh does it sounds familiar?)

Shan said...

OMG! Some people are just so plain senseless.