Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's the difference between friends and activity partners? I used to be a good friend (I think) but recently I began to change (sort of). Why? Maybe because some of my friends are slowly becoming activity partners. I don't want activity partners. I don't want people whom we just meet up to eat, chat and play. I want something more than that (like how those artistes have their jie mei tao) but it's hard to develop and maintain true friendship. Like even though we don't meet up but we are always there for each other. Maybe like my auntie and I =)

Anyway, my heart really ache for my grandma. She needs to go for another eye cataract surgery for the other eye. Makes me feel she's really getting old and time is sort of running out. Used to go out with her almost every sat but hasn't been doing that. I think I should change my tuition date to spend more time with her.


Ifinder Ifindi said...

Very very fascinated to see a pure flower of friendship. A true lover of love. Really a heart. Thank You for sharing creative and cool.

elderflowertea said...

@ifinder: Thanks =)