Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't buy from Xquisis!!

Hi all. I am very sleepy now but I need to blog about this first before I go to sleep. If not, I can't sleep! I am so angry with Xquisis. I did a backorder for a white motorcycle bag from them in Nov. I wanted to bring it out for Christmas and it was written on their website that we were able to collect it just in time for Christmas. So, I thought that it's great and I just did the order. Altogether, I paid about $30 plus including reg mail postage. I received the bag about 1 month later on around 23 Dec. Okie, just in time for Christmas but my nightmare began! My bag has stains and it was pretty bad!! Not only that, but the zip has spoilt.

See photo below:

Therefore, I sent Xquisis and email and this is their reply (I copied and pasted from their email): 

Hi dear
Sorry jus saw ur email due to Xmas celebration too
Sorry abt this guess my part timer was rushing to pack n forgot to check before packing
For the stain would u like to try warm water or nail polish remover to wipe it? Usually we do it this way n it works
As for the zip , it's not spoilt as the zips are first time usage, it's positioned in a way u need to pull all the way back first before starting to use
You can pull the zipper head till the end n pull back all the way

Our quality are generally good otherwise we will not hav many repeated customers. Just that part timers overlook to touch up here n there therefore overlooked
Apologies dear, let mi know if they work thanks

Now, you all can judge for yourselves if the reply constitutes good customer service. For me, I don't think it does. How can just shift the blame to the part-timer? So anyway, I was so pissed with their reply. In the end, they told me to send via reg mail to them to see what can be done. I told them to pay me $4.79 for the reg mail postage but they said that they will only refund me when they got the bag. Now, is this their so-called good customer service? First, they don't even bother checking their products then they sent out. Second, why should the customer pay for the reg mail first when it is not the customer's fault that she received a spoilt bag? I didn't even ask them for compensation for all these inconveniences lor!! I didn't get to use this bag for Christmas (which is why I bought the bag). I still got to purposely travel down to the post office and send to them. I also need to wipe the stains off myself and tried to fix the zip. But it is really spoilt, I can't fix.

Now, I have shopped at places with much better customer service/after sale service. They are so apologetic and will at least pay the customer for the registered mail first before asking the customer to send the items to them. They also offered a 10% discount on their next purchase. That will make me their loyal customer. Smooch is one of the blogshops with good customer service.

Someone told me that I can find Xquisis items on taobao. I haven't gone to search for them yet but I saw the motorcycle bag there:

I have bought a black one from taobao (lucky I didn't buy 2 bags from Xquisis). It is cheaper than Xquisis (about $20 plus only) and arrived much faster. So far all my taobao items are okie, not defective.

Haiz~ Don't understand why all these blogshops owners are so not empathetic. Just put themselves in the customers' shoes and think for them. Is it too much to ask for?


Anonymous said...

Omg! I had wanted to buy some shoes from them. Lucky I googled for their reviews first before buying. Such lousy customer service!

Shan said...

Hey gal. I will help you to spread the words not to buy from Xquisis. Don't be angry already.

elderflowertea said...

@Anon: Haiz~ It will be my first and last buy.

@Shan: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think you should put the word 'review' in your title and at least 1x in your post so that Google will rank your post higher and more ppl will get to know about this.

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experience with and I'm wondering if you could help me? I ordered three items from them to qualify for the free courier promo. They replied me immediately regarding my order but the replies started getting slower after I made payment. However, when the bags arrived, I discovered a defect (i.e. zipper is spoilt like yours) and I dropped them an e-mail. Again, they took ages to reply me and when they finally did, they said that I need to send them the defected item first before they send the replacement out. And like Xquisis, said that they will not send out my replacement until they received the item and I can choose what mode of postage to return it back. Of course I would send via registered mail right? What if they claimed they did not receive the item if I sent it via normal? And the best part is, they will not refund me for postage. I'm very frustrated because it's their mistake and I had to fork out an additional $4.79 for their error. And the best part is, they sent out the replacement bag five days after they received my mail and sent me another defected item. This time round, the straps were already peeling. I dropped them an e-mail and they said they'll get back to me in two days time as the item has been sold out. It's been five days and it's already Feb (I bought the item in late Dec) and I still can't use my new bag because of the defected strap. Sorry for the long (ranting) post. But I'm wondering if you could advise me on what to do? :( I ahrdly online shop and this had to happen.

elderflowertea said...

@Anon: Help me tell more people about it as well =)

@Anon: That sucks! Really!! I don't know what to advise you as my bag is still defective and I didn't get it exchange with Xquisis. I just try to give them bad reviews everywhere.