Monday, December 26, 2011

Review - Bag from Xquisis

I'm really pissed with Xquisis lor. The quality of my bag is so bad. Haven't used then the zip has spoilt!


Shan said...

Oh my, it really sucks! Blogshops should really check before sending items out. Causes so much inconveniences to people :(

robin said...

QC is not done at all !!!

elderflowertea said...

@Shan: Yeah!! Gee!

@Robin: Haiz~ =.=

Diana said...

Wah...stained and faulty zip, This kind of bag also dare to send??!! WTH.

Tstj said...

I know how you feel. :(
Same thing with the zipper of a brand new bag happened to me before.

Hope Xquisis does sth abt this!

elderflowertea said...

@Diana: Super pissed! Still waiting for her to reply me before deciding what to do.

@Tstj: Gosh, where did you buy it from? I'm still waiting for her to reply me regarding the postage. It'll be so unfair if the buyer has to bear the cost of postage herself =.=

Anonymous said...

did they refund you? i had my fair share of bad experience with a quite established blogshop too. bought a bag from them and only got to use it after 2 weeks. th 2nd time i used it, th straps broke off. LOUSY. & its not like i put rocks or heavy items. geez. :< can't get refund.. *roll eyes* $ totally wasted.

elderflowertea said...

@Anon: Nope, didn't refund me!

Alissa said...


These bags are made in China. When it comes out of the factory, zips are always in the center with both sides "open".

I am a seller of bags and accessories too and this is what I learnt from my supplier since years ago.

You can just zip it back and forth to get it functioning.

This is how the factories do zips FYI.

Hope this was helpful.