Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

Went to have dinner and watch Sherlock Holmes with Robin at Causeway Point on Christmas Eve. Had a simple dinner as we didn't have much time. Met at around 8pm.

Christmas decorations.. Let's get into the Christmas mood!!

Food! Not bad! 

My bacon and turkey burger.

My Christmas presents!! xD

Go watch the movie if you haven't. Not bad =)

I'm wearing my present! Nice!!

Christmas Day

Went to attend Robin's cousin's wedding lunch reception at Grand Park City Hall.

After the wedding lunch reception, we went to shop at the new Katong Mall then to Giant at Parkway Parade to buy stuff to cook dinner at Robin's house.

Got Friday's at Katong Mall. Still remember the lousy service at Friday's at Heeren =.=

There were so many people at the new GV at Katong Mall. 

Shopping for groceries. Robin needs to lose weight!! Haha!

Food!! At the rate we are eating, how to lose weight? =.=

My Christmas present from Diana. So cute!! Thanks gal =)

Eat some more lor =.=


Robin said...

Looking forward to countdown 2012 with u my love 

elderflowertea said...

Robin: Looking forward to a better year next year =)