Sunday, June 23, 2013


As all of you know (or should know), I love to blog as well as read other bloggers' blogs. Perhaps I just like to kaypoh about other people's lives. Haha. I am such a kaypoh. Oh well.

Anyway, sometimes I feel kinda sianz reading other people's blogs because I think that their lives are so colourful and interesting compared to mine. Actually, I think that my life is quite boring in general. Furthermore, I always have 101 worries coz I am just a worrywart. Sometimes, the matter may be small but I just can't help worrying. Haiz~ I don't think anyone can help me though unless I can somehow change my character.

Gosh. Okie, I am being crappy here so I shall just end this blog post here. Pardon my crap yeah? Perhaps I need to go for a holiday!


Robin said...

We plan to go holiday soon ok? Yay

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: You need to go for reservist?

Robin said...

Yes dear
Have to go
Maybe we can go in Sept ok?