Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woman's leg gets caught between train and MRT platform

OMG!! I saw this piece of news yesterday.

Extracted from Stomp:
A commuter's leg got trapped in the gap between the MRT train and the station platform last Wednesday. She says she was pushed. Madam Ong told The Straits Times about her ordeal at Little India station, during the morning rush-hour. It seems she had been standing by the doors while taking a crowded train on the North-East Line from Farrer Park to HarbourFront when she was "pushed". The secretary in her 40s said, "About three people exiting the train pushed me from the back, even though I was trying to give way by stepping out of the train first so they could get out."

It is really freaking dangerous and scary. Oh well. I think our public transport is really way TOO crowded during peak hours and the commuters are sooo ungracious. Seriously. Seen so many ungracious acts on the trains and buses =.= And some people behave like they will die if they get in and out of the train a second or two slower. Why must rush until like that?

Anyway, it is lucky that Madam Ong managed to escape with just bruises.


Robin said...

There are just too many kiasu and very inconsiderate people
Sad but true

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Haiz~

Mia Foo said...

giving her the benefit of doubt, if she's really trying to step out to let other commuters alight as she claimed, then she might be doing it too slowly. because if you think logically, in order for people behind you to be able to push you, you need to be not moving.

elderflowertea said...

@Mia: But sometimes there are people trying to rush in so people cant move out fast. Just hate how some people MUST rush in and out of the train. Can't they just wait for a second?

Shan said...

Yes, it's so dangerous. Cannot stand those people.

elderflowertea said...

@Shan: Yes.