Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review - Japanese Gourmet Town at Vivocity

Located at Vivocity, Japanese Gourmet Town offers three different Japanese brands within one restaurant - Botejyu from Osaka, Yoshimi from Hokkaido, and Ajisen from Kyushu. Customers can get to enjoy different Japanese dishes from different areas of Japan.

Saw them selling this at the entrance of the restaurant. So cute. Sell artificial potatoes. I wonder who will buy them and for what reason.

The view is quite good from where we sat.

Can see Resorts World Sentosa!

Robin got me this necklace as a present. Thanks =)

Guess what I had? I had the Tomyam Seafood Ramen. As usual. Lolx~

After lunch, we went to shop at Best Denki for my new camera. I desperately wanted one. Wanted to get the Canon S110 initially but the sales person at Best Denki recommended us this Nikon P310. He said that the quality of the photos taken with both cameras is about the same and this Nikon one was having a promotion at that time. It only cost $399 while the Canon one cost $549. Hence, I got this Nikon one. I hope that I didn't make a wrong decision! I like to take photos but I am not good at selecting cameras. What the ... right?

The sales person called this the panda camera as he said that the colour looked like a panda's colour - black and white. Haha. I think the camera looks kinda fake in this photo. Anyway, I think the colour is kinda cool and unique.

Next up, I will use my new camera to take photos in Sentosa!

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