Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crazy Phone

Haiz~ My crazy iPhone is down again. Once it has shut off, it cannot be turned on again. But the thing is I didn't mean to turn it off. The battery just finished and it auto shut off =.= It's all Robin's fault lah. I told him to bring the portable mobile charger for me and he brought me one which wasn't charged. WTH~

I hope that I can somehow turn it on again later coz it was down since last night. Argh!! By the way, I REALLY REALLY wanna change phone but I just got my last month's phone bill. I used 3.5GB data. If I buy a new phone, I will need to recontract my line and I can't enjoy the 12GB worth of data plan. How?

Edit: I think that God has answered my prayers coz I can turn on my iPhone now! Thank God.

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Robin said...

Getting a new phone now is the best solution
I will pay your phone bills monthly