Sunday, May 26, 2013

My iPhone

I really really love my current iPhone. It has many of my memories. Don't really wanna change a new handphone but looks like I've got no choice. Whenever my phone is turned off, it cannot be turned on again. Hence, I don't turn off my phone. However, I can't press any number or punctuation mark on my phone when messaging. The tab to switch between numbers and letters cannot be pressed. Ah yoh. So I thought of restarting my phone but now it cannot be turned on for hours. Gosh!

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winnie said...

is it because u update ur apps? Try using HTC phones ba.. its much more reliable than iphones.

Anyways, I accepted your resignation but still need to meet you for exit interview. And ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE ENDEARVOR! haha.. maybe next time can engage u as a tutor for my son! Lol.. Let me know when u free ba. Thanks! :D