Monday, May 13, 2013

Using My New Camera

Remember I mentioned previously ( that I have bought a new Nikon camera and that I have used it to take some photos. Now I will be blogging about it and show my photos here. See if it's nice =)

Feel like trying this in Vivocity. Too bad it was crowded there that day.

After lunch and buying my new camera, we went to Sentosa for some photo-taking. Wanna try out my new camera. Hee~ Haven't been to Sentosa for quite some time and there are new things on the island now.

iFly building.

How come my picture is still not clear on my blog? It was clear on my camera and my computer. Is it because my Google account has little space left? Any relevance?

"Flying". Expensive.

I hate my messy hair! Any hair sponsor? =P

Had our dinner there. It is located in RWS.

This guy looks familiar. Did he appear on Channel 8 or Channel U programme?

I like this durian dessert. It's damn nice! There's ice-cream inside. 


Unknown said...

OMG the durian dessert looks sooo goood

Robin said...

We go try max brennar restaurant next time dear

MollyMia said...

Max Brenner is good! you should try it! There's another branch at esplanade (also very crowded) and at katong 112.

elderflowertea said...

@Justina: Yes. It's damn good!

@Robin: Sure =)

@Mia: Really? Okies.