Monday, June 30, 2014

Review - Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura

I went to Tim Ho Wan again. This time round, I went with Robin to the Plaza Singapura outlet. See my previous review here - I went to the Westgate outlet with Calin previously.

Anyway, Robin and I only queued for about 40 minutes (which is considered short, I suppose). The queue moved surprisingly fast. Actually, everything is fast, fast, fast in the restaurant. Very hectic! I think that people ate in a rush too. We did feel the urge to rush somehow. I feel that the service is no good. But since their business is so good, I presume that they don't really care about their service.

I want to bring my grandma there to eat one day but don't think that she wants to queue. Anyway, I think that the seats are not comfortable, not sure if she can sit on that kind of stools after her hip operation previously. Oh well. Will probably wait and see if they will sell takeaway without eating in the restaurant.

The must have for me. The ever famous Char Siew Buns.

My favourite - Carrot Cake. I really love the carrot cakes there.

Our dessert - Mango Sago. Tasted so-so to me. 

Our bill. So now, you know where our money has gone to. 

Robin fell asleep on the bus. We went to watch a movie after our dinner. What a tiring day! Haha.

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robin said...

Enjoy the food here
Looking forward to other nice buffets too