Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review - Cafebiz at Traders Hotel

What did you do or where did you go with your partner for this year's Valentine's Day? For me, I went to work as usual. Robin got that day off. Lucky him! Anyway, we went to have a buffet dinner at Cafebiz in Traders Hotel.

Outfit of the day. This is my usual work bag. I forgot to change into a nicer bag =.=

I did my own manicure.

Surprisingly, it was not so crowded there on that day.

Food! I was too busy eating and did not take photos of everything. Sorry.

I love the satays.

The dessert area looked so nice! Everything is in pink.

My Valentine's Day present from Robin.

I cannot remember how much Robin has paid for the meal but I find the food there so-so only.

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robin said...

Looking for many more special valentine days to come