Monday, June 2, 2014

More Rant

I'm sorry people. I am here to rant again. Sorry, you have to put up with my ranting. I hate it when someone comes very near me on the bus. WTF lah. I already sat very inside. I have no space to move anymore. I seriously hate it when anybody touches me even with their butt.

Second thing I have to rant, why do I always encounter slow bus drivers. I saw another exactly the same number bus passed us. I took the earlier bus yet reached later. I really don't understand why the bus driver only opened the door at the bus stop itself. Why can't he bloody open the door if we are near the bus stops. Like maybe just a few steps away or something. The people can definitely walk that few steps. It's also not as if it is raining. Can you believe it? I'm actually stuck in a traffic jam in the bus lane. WTF lah. Damn irritated now.

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