Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day Out With Diana

I am out on a ''date'' with Diana! Yay! As you all probably already know, I feel very lazy to go out nowadays. Wonder if it has something to do with age? I just have less energy nowadays. Oh well. So it is not your fault if I don't meet up with you often. It is mine.

Anyway, I still like to meet up with friends from time to time =) What's more, Diana is my ranting partner. I don't know why, I always have things to rant about. Ranting can help to relieve my stress. So, it is good to rant! =P

We wanted to have lunch at Wild Honey but it was crowded on that day.

We switched to go to Dome downstairs.

Everyday breakfast.

After lunch, we went shopping. Stopped by at TWG, ION Orchard, for some rest.

Very pretty tea cups.

Yummy dessert!

Thinking how wonderful it is if we are both rich tai-tais. No need to go to work and can have hi-tea everyday. Haha. Wonder if we will be bored then? Hm..

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