Monday, March 3, 2014

Bangkok Trip Part 7

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As I blog more and more about my Bangkok trip, I am in the holiday mood again. Haha! I can't wait for the next holiday. Anyway, back to topic.

Day 4 of our Bangkok trip. Went to Chatuchak weekend market. If I remember correctly, it is only opened on weekend. Do check if it is opened before going. To go to Chatuchak, take the BTS and stop at Mo Chit station. Then just follow the signs or just follow the large crowd of people. Do remember to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. I felt a little dehydrated after walking around Chatuchak in the hot sun. If you can, put on some sunblock too.

It was an extremely hot day. Got my flowery shades on but had left it in the hotel room. Didn't bring it back to Singapore. Oh well.

We tried this chocolate milk tea with pearls. Yummy!!

Why the buay song face? Boo.

Our breakfast. Waffles!

It was very crowded.

They do sell pets there. The pets there are all so cute lah. Feel so tempted to buy. Haha. Oh yeah, I must remind all of you not to buy any pet on impulse. You need to truly love the pet and be a responsible owner.

Had lunch at one of the random stalls there. 

Cool ice-cream on a hot day. Perfect match.

Robin bought one packet of these eggs. I didn't try coz I am not sure if it's clean. Haha.

Went back to the hotel to shower and change before heading out again at night.

Changed and getting ready to go out at night. Hee~

My loots from Chatuchak. Didn't buy many things as I was having a headache from the heat. I am not sure if it is opened in the evening. They should lor. 


Anonymous said...

There's a big wet market with hawker ctr food nearby. At Kamphaeng Phet MRT. Or Tor Kor Mkt. Lots of local food and snacks, locals bought dishes from a large mixed vege stall to eat at home or takeaways. I bought a big bag of dried longan from there. Less touristy. You can take one stop ride from Mochit stn after you walked down the overhead bridge. Explore the lesser known place. But be safe. ^.^ MJ

elderflowertea said...

@MJ: Is it? Never heard of that. Thanks for sharing =)