Monday, March 24, 2014

Batam Again Part 2

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Needed to check out from our hotel at about 11am. The coach brought us back to the ferry terminal. Went to have lunch at Mega Mall Batam Centre and shopped around there for awhile before our ferry.

Yummy kueh lapis! Have a craving for that now. Maybe I should go and buy it from Bengawan Solo tomorrow?

Lunch at Byza Cafe.

Did u see a big bag there? It's full of food/tidbits which Robin bought. I didn't buy much things from Batam.

Latte. Always need coffee.

Reached Singapore at about 6pm plus (if I remember correctly). Time for dinner. Decided to just have a quick dinner at Harbourfront Centre. Took a cab back home afterwards. It is always difficult to get a cab at Harbourfront Centre! We had to call for a cab.

My chicken noodles. Quite nice.

Robin's beef noodles. Not bad.

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BatamRooms said...

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