Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bangkok Trip Part 10

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As I have mentioned before, we wanted to go to the Grand Palace. Thought that it was nearby Wat Pho so we decided to walk there. OMG! It was so tiring walking under the hot scorching sun. We walked for a good 20 minutes. They are not that near each other.

 Only took photos outside the Grand Palace area as we were out of time.

Took cab from the Grand Palace back to our hotel and then to the airport. Our cab fare was 600 baht. OMG! I think we were being overcharged! WTH lah. We didn't really have the time to bargain as we were really running out of time. Oh well~

After checking in, we had some time so we decided to grab an early dinner as there was no food provided on our flight.

 My nice Thai ice coffee and Robin's fruit punch.

Some food which I have bought in Bangkok.

This marks the end of my Bangkok trip. I wanna go there again!

Remember this t-shirt? I had the opportunity to wear this to work on a Friday because we had a company event to go walk at Botanic Gardens. Healthy living, healthy working. Lolx~

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