Sunday, March 2, 2014

Complain about Watsons

Ok, I am here to rant/complain about something again. Forgot to use discount card in Watsons today at the cashier counter. Went back shortly afterwards and was informed by the cashier that she cannot do anything for me. I told her that last time Watsons made a mistake in my bill and was able to void that receipt. Then she told me that as my receipt was $150.50 (more than $100), she has to call the area manager to do that which is very troublesome.

Alamak! You mean I spend more money but get penalized? If I spend less than $100 then can void the receipt? I also understand that it is my fault that I forgot to show the card. But I went back to the shop within 1 hour. Watsons also calculated wrongly for me before and I had to go all the way back rectify it. I did not complain the other time lor. So it is ok for the shop to make a mistake but not the customers?


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