Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review - Hifumi

Have you been to Hifumi or heard of Hifumi? It is located on the third (or fourth?) level of the Plaza Singapura extension. The unique thing about this restaurant is that there's a free flow of several different  types of appetizer with every main course ordered. Quite worth it if you are a big eater. Rachel loves the chawanmushi there. I agree that the chawanmushi there is not bad but my main course is so-so only.  I love the potato salad there. Perhaps I will try another main course there the next time.

Went there with Onyee and Rachel to celebrate my birthday in advance. In fact, Onyee was the one who introduced this restaurant to us.

Cost: About $60 plus for 3 people.

自拍 with Onyee while queuing. 

There was a long queue there on Friday night.

Free appetizers area. Self-service.

Appetizers which I took. Forgot to include the delicious potato salad. 

My main course - tempura udon. The udon was very hot and quite dry. The soup was rather bland.

Went home afterwards to my surprise cake. It was a durian cake bought by my mother. I would be celebrating my actual birthday in Hong Kong. So exciting!!

Does it look like me?

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