Friday, April 12, 2013

Cheapskate People

Read about this blog post from QiuQiu's blog awhile ago - Your Brand is Not Special

Some people/advertisers are so cheapskate!! I have encountered such people recently. True, they are very polite and everything but how come they have the cheek to ask me to blog for them for FREE? Like so ridiculous. Why don't they ask if they can advertise for free on Google or even in The Straits Times? Am I so free? Do I look like I have a lot of time on hand? Even if I have, why must/should I help you? Although I am not a famous blogger or anything, my time isn't free. Do you know how much time and effort are needed to maintain a blog? Please respect other people as well as yourselves.

Oh well. I will blog for free for you (subject to my mood =P) if you fulfill either one of these criteria:

1. I know you personally and we are at least friends.
2. I really like your products.
3. I want to do a review - but it will be a fair review.

Other than that, don't bother asking me because there's no free lunch in this world!


Robin said...

I support your thinking dear
I strongly agree with u

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Yeah!

Susan Wong said...

Ask them to fly their kite. You should state who was it who ask you to blog for free, no need to give them face.

elderflowertea said...

@Susan: Hm.. Yeah lor. Oh well.