Monday, April 22, 2013

Hong Kong Trip Part 4

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Let me introduce some new drinks which I have never seen before in Singapore. Maybe I should go to the supermarket more often to look see.

This is the new t-shirt which I bought.

This is the new t-shirt which Robin bought.

Today, we decided to try some local Hong Kong food. Therefore, we went to eat porridge for breakfast at this small eatery near our hotel. The food is not bad but nothing very fantastic.

After breakfast, we anyhow hopped onto a 小巴。 Haha. Actually, we didn't know where the bus will take us but we just randomly boarded one. Haha. Sometimes we need to be adventurous!

And we arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui! Haha. Good.

Since we arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui, we decided to try out the Star Ferry.

There were mainly tourists onboard the Star Ferry. I guess the Hong Kongers will just take the MTR or buses which are faster and more convenient.

I like this photo. Beautifully taken =)

Reached Central Pier whereby we took a bus to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

If anyone is interested in famous celebrities and wax museums, you can visit the Madame Tussauds Gallery ( located at The Peak area. We didn't go into the Gallery as we find that the ticket prices are quite expensive. It cost HK$190 per adult. Do go onto their website to take a look. There are some promotions there.

Does he look like a real person?

The Peak Tram is quite crowded.

The view from the top of The Peak.

The Peak Tram.

We had lunch at one of the Cha Chan Ting (although it isn't like those traditional Hong Kong Cha Chan Ting). We didn't see and eat at any of those traditional Hong Kong Cha Chan Ting in Hong Kong. Ah yoh. Wasted!

Hong Kong Milk Tea.

After visiting The Peak, we took the MTR to Mong Kok for some shopping. I bought a pair of nice boots for HK$200 (around there lah. A bit forgotten the price.).

Ladies Street.

They sell guns there. But I think that they are just pellet guns (or something like that). 

Bought bubble tea from a bubble tea stall near our hotel. It tasted like the Sharetea in Singapore. Haha. I wanna go to Taiwan and try their bubble tea! By the way, I encountered a rude cashier in Hong Kong. She scolded me slow in Cantonese, thinking that I don't understand Cantonese. I can understand Cantonese. I just can't speak. And anyway, I just wanted to count out the coins and it was our last day the next day. I didn't want to bring back so many coins. So why can't I just be slow a bit? There wasn't even a long queue. Gee~!!

The next day was our last day in Hong Kong. Had McDonald's breakfast. Then we packed our luggages and checked out. We took the hotel's shuttle bus to Kowloon Station and took the AEL to the airport. Now, you can check in your luggages at the Kowloon Station if you take the AEL to the airport. It is called downtown check in. It was quite convenient for us as we didn't need to lug our luggages around.

We had lunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant at the Hong Kong International Airport.

My chicken rice.

Robin's goose meat and rice (not in the photo).

As we ate our lunch slowly and our boarding gate was really far away from the restaurant (still need to take monorail), we need to run to our boarding gate. Oh well. At least we weren't the last ones onboard and our names weren't being called out.

Welcome home =)


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