Monday, April 1, 2013

Review - Daikokuya at Paragon

Do you know that Daikokuya means God of Wealth in Japanese? Daikokuya is a Japanese restaurant which specialises in ramen dishes in a contemporary and relaxing atmosphere. Rachel recommended that place to me. Went to try it out with Diana one day. It is located at Paragon, basement 1. Very near to Ding Tai Fung.

Overall, I find the food there not bad. Price wise, less than $20 per person (if I remember correctly). Still considered reasonable.

Trying out the label app on my iPhone.

My ramen. I quite like the egg.

After dinner, I treated Diana to drinks and cake at Spinelli for her birthday. Happy Birthday gal~!! (Okie, it's a bit late now. I'm a slow blogger =.=) I haven't been to Spinelli for a long time but the outlet at Wheelock Place is quite big and quiet. A good place to chit-chat and chill.

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