Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review - Bangkok Jam

Those who know me know that I absolutely love Tomyam. I may not adore Thai food that much but I like to drink Tomyam soup a lot. Anyway, I'm a soup lover =)

Now, have you guys and gals heard of Bangkok Jam? It is a Thai restaurant with modern bistro-styled interior.  Apparently, there are a few outlets in Singapore. The outlet which Robin, Diana and I went to was at the PS new extension. Food-wise, it is so so. But the place is kinda new and refreshing. Diana told me that she saw that the kitchen was quite dirty. Erm.. Go and see for yourself?

The interior. Looks nice.

The menu. It is printed as if it's like the newspapers but smaller in size.


I like the modern bistro-styled interior.

Us =)

See the coasters. So cool.

Even got traffic light and road signs. But the traffic light will really change colour.

My favourite Tomyam soup =). The bowl was really special. I forgot to take a photo from the side. You will see why it's special from the side view.

Robin's seafood platter.

Diana's fish and rice.

After dinner, Diana went home first while Robin and I took a walk along Orchard Road. As it was near the Christmas season, Orchard Road was brightly lit and decorated. The lights were really beautiful. My camera didn't do justice to them. Oops~ =.=

I didn't mean to take a photo of the Indian family. I wanted to take a photo of the Santa Claus but there were many people who wanted to take photos with Santa too. As I got impatient waiting, I just took this photo randomly.

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