Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Legoland Malaysia Part 3

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After eating something and taking some of the rides, we went back and took more photos of buildings built using Legos. The buildings are really very nicely made!

 Singapore! Can you recognise this place?

 Singapore Flyer.

 Cool SBS Transit bus.

 China. Do you know where is this place?

Help. Volcano erupting. 

These are photos of prominent places in Asian countries. Can you recognise any/all of them? They are so nicely pieced together. It must have taken a lot of effort to make all these.


robin said...

Really curious to see how the Lego experts do all these wonderful design step by step

They are so good af these

Anonymous said...


elderflowertea said...

@robin: Haha.

@Anon: Thanks!