Monday, January 21, 2013

Gardens by the Bay - Part 2

Continue from: After we got the tickets, we proceeded to enter the Flower Dome first. The Flower Dome is the world’s largest column-less greenhouse and houses a few thousand species of plants around the world. It was pretty spectacular. There is a wide variety of plants which I’ve never seen before in Singapore and the flowers were blooming so vividly. I love their bright and beautiful colours. And the best thing is.. It is cool inside. Now, we can admire these beautiful flowers leisurely in cool spring weather. Cool eh?

Oh yeah, there're also many different types of cactuses. Never seen so many different types of cactuses before. Simply amazing. 

The dome-like structure looks rather nice.

Never seen this plant anywhere else. The white flowers are drooping down.

Big, bright and beautiful.

Such a cute bunny.

Pumpkin house.


Nice sunflowers.

Nice photo. I like.

Christmassy feel.

My grandma is smiling so happily!

So unlike the normal tree trunk.

Unique leaves.

This photo is also nice.

This tree is so special.


Such a big cactus!

So many different kinds of cactuses. Never seen before right?

Special cactus. This is one cactus or many cactuses put together.

Is this a cactus too?

What is this unique white plant? All white. 

Interactive games. It is located near the exit of Flower Dome. Great for kids. Educational as well.

Next up: Cloud Forest. Stay tuned. 

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