Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Random Post

Just feel like sharing some random photos. See my new mahjong earrings? I bought it in a small shop at  JEM. They sell a lot of old stuff. I find them cute. Haha~

Why is my face so big? =.=

Had lunch at Crystal Jade one day. Ordered iced milk tea and it was served in this unique way.

There's smoke! =P


Robin said...

Nice earrings
Interesting drink too

Mike said...

The admin at discuss sg. He anyhow accuse me of something without checking the truth. They say I am getting too personal over it when they are the one getting too personal. They are just trying to get rid of me.

They didn't even take into account how much I have done for the forum and start blaming me when bad things happen. It is just a place for earning money.

Sorry I can only post here if not I would be banned by now -.-

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Thanks! =)

@finaldust: Oh, so what did they do to u? Can u just ignore them?