Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ranting Post

Hello. I am here to rant again. I am blogging on my handphone because my home Internet just refused to work again =.= damn irritating. Gosh! Don't tell me the fire issue hasn't been fixed. Then how do I catch up on my blog?

Secondly, I used to be able to share my home Internet connection with my iPhone but I don't know how to do it with my Samsung. Kept asking me to key in my password which I have no idea. Argh! I am still more used to using iPhone. If only it doesn't spoil so easily. Or perhaps I'm just unlucky. Oh well.

Since I'm on the subject of ranting, I might as well rant more. I felt like puking on the MRT today. The train was damn packed today. I was standing between 2 men with their arms raises to hold the handles on the train. I could smell their body ordour. I really felt like puking then. Wth lah. Anyway, I thought today is a public holiday so why are people all rushing back home at 7pm plus. I almost thought that it is a working day today and I forgot to go to work. Haiz. How to reduce this overcrowding on the MRT?

Lastly, I really hate cough, especially dry cough. Always take a long time to recover and make me cannot sleep. Argh!! And I cannot afford to take mc. Got things to do. Gosh!

Guess that's all from me now. Feel sleepy already. Nights =) I'm sure I will need to rant again quite soon. I like to rant. Ranting can help me to destress and feel better.

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Mia Foo said...

Really, go see doc to get med before you fly! At most go 24hrs clinic and pay more for it.

The password Samsung asking is your broadband password lor, it should be printed on your router. Called network key or something.