Saturday, July 27, 2013


I don't really like to read the news lately because I feel disheartened every time I read the news. I don't really like human beings these days. Although I know that there are many nice and kind-hearted people, there are also many disgusting people (to me) around. Am I out of my mind or what? Oh well. I promise myself that I have to be a nicer and more optimistic person. By the way, there's a nice guy who gave up his seat on the bus to my mother. Wish that there are many such people around =)

I think I need a break from my routine life and Singapore. Wanna get away to some place. Am watching 衝上雲霄 II (that TVB drama is great!) lately. Wish that I can work in an interesting place like the airport. So cool! I have a special liking for the airport.

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Robin said...

We will go for a good break together soon dear
Love u always