Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review - 日本村 Nihon Mura

日本村 or Nihon Mura is a Japanese restaurant where customers can take a pick of more than 30 varieties of Sushi on the conveyor belt. The customers can also order some non-sushi dishes. If I remember correctly, the sushi only cost $1.50 per plate. Of course, the quantity and quality are not really that great.

Robin and I went to the outlet at Cineleisure. There was a long queue. Probably because it was a Saturday. Sorry, I did not take many photos as I was starving after queuing for quite some time. Oh yeah, they limit per table to eat for 1.5 hours only. It was enough for us though. We had a movie to catch afterwards anyway.

You can put a clip with your table number at a picture of prawn on the conveyor belt and a plate of prawn will come. Same for other non-sushi dishes.


Robin said...

I love to eat sushi

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Which place has the nicest sushi?

Robin said...

nihon mura not bad I think

oyhz said...

used to visit the outlet at jurong west, cos it's near to NTU. good for students to hold gatherings away from the crowd.