Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review - The Rooftop 天台

The Rooftop is Jay Chou’s second film as a movie director after Secret in 2007. It is a musical extravaganza combining elements of martial arts and special effects. It stars Jay Chou alongside Eric Tsang, Wang Xueqi and Alan Ko in a story set in a fantasy world comprised of two distinctly contrasting communities and lifestyles. One group lives on rooftops, where they dance and sing every day, passing their days without a care in the world, while below them are the people living under the rooftops, who possess more money and power but not necessarily happier.

I have read a lot of critics. Most people said that Jay Chou can't act well, etc. However, I think that this is a pretty good movie. It is better than I expected and it was really touching in the end. Almost teared. Worth to watch! By the way, I can't believe that Secret was screened 6 years ago. It doesn't feel so long ago to me. Oh well. Time really flies. Kinda scary. I wish that I can turn back the clock to 6 years ago.


Robin said...

I enjoyed watching this movie with my lovely dear too
Highly recommended

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Copycat! Haha.