Monday, July 8, 2013

July Shopping List

Last post before I sleep. Here is a list of things I need/want:

1. The Hunger Games books - bought
2. Wet tissues
3. Facial wipes - bought
4. Optic white colgate
5. Treat Robin to crab - completed
6. Rebond my hair - I have been wanting to do it for ages!
7. Sole Lovers shoes
8. Ripples slippers
9. Contact lens solution
10. Some new clothes/dresses - Robin just helped me to donate some stuff to the Salvation Army so I have got more space for new clothes. Haha~

I think that's about it. I can't really remember. Maybe I will have some more to add on. By the way, I have got 2 new Paul Frank t-shirts that are not on the list. Haha.


Mia Foo said...

is the hunger games books nice?
actually i'm tempted to buy mortal instruments....

elderflowertea said...

@Mia: I have only read a few pages!