Friday, February 1, 2013

Genting Trip - Part 2

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Woke up bright and early the next day. As there was no breakfast provided for us, we wanted to head over to check out Coffee Terrace at Highlands Hotel as it was recommended by many bloggers.

Just bathed and ready to go!

Coffee Terrace.

Cute ice-cream cone =)

As Coffee Terrace serves buffet breakfast, we didn't want to go in as we don't eat a lot. Perhaps we can try it next time if we are starving. Lolx~ Anyway, since we were there, we just headed over to Bakery which is opposite the Coffee Terrace for breakfast. The bread there smells really enticing.

 I had croissant. It is tasty. Love it!

 My Mum had Danish bread (is it called Danish bread?) which is delectable too.

 Our coffee. Really need coffee to start the day. Lolx~

For your information, there is free wifi at the Bakery. Just ask the staff there for the password. The reception is not bad there.

After breakfast, my mother and I went to take the cable car to the Strawberry Farm. Gone to Genting so many times but that was the first time we took the Genting Skyway cable car and it was my first time going to the Genting Strawberry Farm. Heard that the Genting Skyway cable car has the longest ride. More info here: It cost RM6 per person for a one way trip.

 Onboard the Genting Skyway cable car. 

 I felt pretty scared onboard. It was HIGH!

 The scenery looks splendid.

The scenery looks so green and natural. The cable car doesn't have any air-conditioning. There was a small opening on top which allows fresh air to enter.

The ride took us about 15 minutes. We reached the Skyway station at the bottom of Genting. There was a shuttle bus which took us to Genting Strawberry Farm. However, it doesn't take us directly to the Strawberry Farm. We had to walk quite a bit to reach there. Just ask the bus driver for directions if you are unsure of where to stop and how to walk. By the way, there's also the Lavender Farm and Mushroom Farm near the Strawberry farm. So do go and visit all of them. They are all free admission anyway. The strawberry picking cost RM8 per 100g.

 The Genting Strawberry Farm car. However, it wasn't in operation.

 I like this fountain.

 Juicy and red strawberries waiting for me. Yippee~!!

 You can take a rest here. There are drinks and food for you to buy and enjoy.

 Red roses. See the colour? So vibrant!


 Okie, I'm not a good model =.=

  Guess what's these? They are mushrooms!

We took about 1 hour plus to explore the farms and pick the strawberries. Headed back to First World Plaza for a late lunch. Saw some kids' performance there. They are really brave and cute. Saw many people taking photos and videos of the kids.

 Had lunch here.

 My Mum said that the chicken noodles was not bad.

  I had macaroni. Haha. Ate so healthily as I was not feeling well. Vomited afterwards =.= 

Went back to our room for a short rest as I wasn't feeling so well. After resting, went to play at Snow World as we had complimentary tickets. Sorry, no photo-taking allowed at Snow World so no photo to show but it was damn cold inside! Really. They provide you with free jackets, pants and gloves but it's insufficient. I still felt really cold inside! By the way, it was -6 degrees celsius inside.

Watched Freeze 2 performance after Snow World. We just had bread for dinner as we were not really hungry.

Gosh. There are so many things to do in Genting!!


samcw2 said...

I was there on the mid Jan 2013, not a good trip, both my wife n me sick :(
I planned to go to Gotong Raya (near the strawberry farm), but the cable car is down for maintenance :(
Food was very EX in genting, those places you went for makan was under my ban list except coffee terrace, lol

elderflowertea said...

@sam: Yup, food is expensive there. Like Sg's price.

Anonymous said...

Hello, there is a coffee shop right below Resort Hotel. You can find simple food at economical price.

elderflowertea said...

@Anon: Is it? I'll go try it out next time!