Friday, February 1, 2013

3rd Year Anniversary - Part 2

We went to the OCBC Skyway after our ice-cream. It was my first time going up the Skyway. There was a long queue for the tickets. Now you guys can buy the tickets online first to avoid the queue.

 Our tickets.

 See the long queue?

 The scenery up the Skyway is really fabulous.


 Can see a lot of people queuing below. It felt quite scary looking down from the Skyway.

A nice place to have picnics and get immersed with nature.

We spent about 15 minutes at the OCBC Skyway. After that, we just picked a restaurant at random to have our dinner. I'm so glad that we picked Casa Verde. I love the Hawaiian pizza there. It is really mouthwatering. My seafood spaghetti is delectable too.

 Cute plant. It is real.

 My seafood spaghetti. A lot of ingredients!

 Robin's Hawaiian pizza. Very tasty.

After our dinner, we went out and saw the night scenery. We also experienced the OCBC Garden Rhapsody. Combining music, lasers, projection media and light artistry, the specially commissioned show will delight visitors at 7:45pm and 8:45pm each evening at the Supertree Grove.

Marina Bay Sands at night.


Robin said...

We will be together for many many more years to come

We will also be very happy spending each day meaningfully 

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Yay~!!