Friday, November 11, 2011

Angel Florist


Flowers for your love ones? One thing Singapore women complain about is that Singapore men are not romantic enough. So how to be more romantic?


Give Flowers!!

Flowers are given for various occasions and for multiple reasons. They are given to express love, thoughtfulness or to express feelings which words are unable to convey. Every girl loves to receive flowers from her significant other!!

See how girls match with flowers? =)

As for me, I LOVE flowers, especially roses!!! They are so pretty.

Pink roses!!!

Red roses!!!

Sunflower with bear =)

Angel Florist has many different types of beautiful flowers for different occasions.

Click on Order here to get a surprise for your love ones now! Today is 11/11/11, once in a lifetime. Very suitable to surprise her with her favourite flowers =)


Robin said...

Special day spend with my special someone me so happy 

elderflowertea said...

Thanks for your flowers =)