Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On 25/11/11 (Fri), I accompanied Robin to his relative's wedding dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Took a cab there. Cost $20 plus. So exp! Don't know why cab drivers like to go by the Little India/Bugis way when there's always a traffic jam at that area. Haiz~

The banquet started at around 9pm. Was starving!! The food was not bad. Let's look at the photos!

 At the reception there. 

 This is beautiful! xD  

 Me. I didn't have time to wear my Smooch dress =.=

 Heart-shaped measuring spoon.


 I love this photo!!!

 Here comes the bride.. and bridegroom. 

 Fresh rose petals! 

 Zi pai in the hotel toilet. Lolx~

The dessert. Nice.  

Everytime I go for a wedding dinner, I feel that a lot of preparation is needed to plan a wedding. Don't really know what to do yet but I want something unique for my wedding =)

PS: By the way, they are kinda weird. Kept replacing my soft drink when I haven't even finished! Haven't even drunk half a glass =.=

On 27/11/11 (Sun), Robin and I went for The Muppets preview at Orchard Cineleisure by Nuffnang. Thanks Nuffnang! =) As I was too tired, I fell asleep halfway throughout the movie but I heard the person beside me laugh a lot! Haha. So it should be a funny movie. Go watch =)

I feel that I need a haircut. Any good salon to recommend?

 My first time trying this bubble tea at Cine. Not bad but the service is slow =.=

After the movie, we went to Scotts Isetan to redeem my Isetan vouchers. OMG! Have been spending so much money at Isetan. I really need to cut down on my spending!

I saw this car outside Shaw House. Nice! Want to watch Breaking Dawn.

Dinner at Pepper Lunch. 

After dinner, Robin and I rushed to the Popular Bookfest. It's the last day of the Bookfest! Wanted to make use of my $3 credit but I've got nothing to buy! There are so many things there, don't know why I've got nothing to buy =.= In the end, I just bought a Taiwan travel book. Haha! I want to go to Taiwan next year (hopefully).


robin said...

Taiwan 2012 , we will be coming :)

Unknown said...

thanks for visiting my blog!! ^_^ ur from singapore,thats so cool!!! i do hope that we can follow eachother, we seem to write they same sorta blog and your life seems so interesting!! :) i loved those heart shapes measuring spoons!! <3

elderflowertea said...

@Jeniniooo - Ok! I tried to follow u but never get through!

Shan said...

I like the heart-shaped petals with candles!

By the way, recently my computer internet is also nuts!

elderflowertea said...

@shan: yup, so pretty and romantic hor. Btw, my Internet has always been siao!!