Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Muppets

Hey people, do you guys and gals still remember The Muppets? From your childhood. Even if you don't remember everything about The Muppets but I'm sure you can remember the cute, endearing green frog - Kermit. He's my favourite Muppet! If you need any picture to recall, here's how Kermit looks like.

Now, why is Kermit my favourite Muppet? I don't really know but he has created the most long-lasting impression in me. I just like the way he looks and talks. 

Anyway, if you want something to trigger back your childhood memories, remember to catch The Muppets in cinemas this 8 December 2011 and like the Official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page!


Anonymous said...

Yay muppets!!!!

I thought muppets were Jim Hensons thing? :S

elderflowertea said...

@Aimee: Hm.. Yup. I think he's the one who came up with the characters.

Robin said...

Cute characters

Amy said...

@Aimee and elderflowertea. Jim Henson created the muppets but he died in (1990). The muppets were then bought by disney in 2006. this year jason segal wrote the muppet movie because he couldn't think how the children could live withou a muppet movie. (as there hasnt been one for at least ten years)