Monday, October 24, 2011

Review - My favourite black pepper chicken chop place!!!

I have finally gone to Waffletown again. I miss it soooo much. It has the best black pepper chicken chop I've ever tasted. I am not exaggerating. I simply love the sauce. Yummy! In fact, I feel a little hungry already while typing this.

Fyi, it is located at Balmoral Plaza.

There are many items on the menu.

The sitting/interior. 

My black pepper chicken chop. It may not look that great here but I can guarantee that it tastes wonderful!! 

The set only costs $7.80 and it comes with a drink. By the way, it actually comes with a salad and potato wedges but Robin changed it all to french fries =.= My advice: The wedges taste much better than the french fries so DON'T change it. 

Robin's steak.  

I hardly dare to guarantee something but this place is really great. Their waffles are great too. Just that I was too full on that day to eat any waffle =(

271 Bukit Timah Road
#01-08 Balmoral Plaza
Singapore 259708

Contact No.: +65 6836 6536

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, daily

Getting Here: (See map on right)
By Bus (Bus Stop )
SBS Transit: 48, 66, 170
SMRT Bus: 67, 171, 700, 700A, 960

Newton Station
(10 minutes walk from Newton MRT)


robin said...

noted on your preference =)

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Heehee~