Friday, October 7, 2011


Had lunch at Cafe Indulge at The Cathay one day with Robin. The food there was so-so. The french fries were so salty. Their salt is free! =.= The only good thing is that the prices are very reasonable. Total cost for the meal is only about $20 plus.

Anyway, I should let the photos do the talking.

Since I'm a coffee lover, of course must try their coffee! Okie lah, not bad. 

Fish soup.

My chicken chop. I still think that Waffletown has the best black pepper chicken chop. Yummy! I will blog about it the next time I'm there. 

Waiting for food.

Coffee =)

I really like this dress. Simple but formal =)

Free dessert. 

Robin's fish & chips. Don't ask me how is it. I didn't try. 

Cafe Indulge
2 Handy Road, B1-25/26, The Cathay.
Singapore 229233
Tel: 6732 3952 Fax: 6732 3951

By the way, we watched I Don't Know How She Does It after lunch. It's a nice movie. Quite touching in the end =) Love it!


robin said...

i have enjoyed the movie and meal with u too :)

elderflowertea said...

@robin: Me too =)