Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hi everyone. I have just celebrated Robin's birthday at his house. Don't really know where to go and I have a craving for crabs!

So anyway, I ordered Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake for Robin (at his request and recommendations I saw in the forum). I only had time to order it on Thursday and I cannot make it to do the customized cake. You need to place an order at least 3 working days in advance. So never mind. I just took the ready-made one.

The cake is not bad, tasted great. Better than Swensen's, I would say. But the staff there bluff me! He said that the ice-cream is chocolate flavour but it turned out to be peppermint (which is nicer than the chocolate flavour which I've tried). So lucky that it turned out better but still.. He should have given me the correct information right? Secondly, the staff failed to give me any candle holder for the candles. Okie, I also forgot to check so it's partly my fault =.=

Anyway, don't think that I will order any cake from Baskin Robbins anymore. I feel that the service provided is not up to the expectation with the price paid. Or maybe I expect too much? In any case, I welcome new suggestions/recommendations on where to buy nice birthday/ice-cream cakes.

Let's talk about happier things. We still have a great time celebrating Robin's birthday with his family! xD Sometimes, it feels good to have some family bonding time. I feel that our relationship has improved.

I was at the Novena Square outlet. I specially drove there to order the cake. A bit disappointed.

In case anyone is interested, they got many cakes to choose from. So be sure to order early.

The box looks nice though.

Camwhoring =)

I like this photo =)


Some cocktail to celebrate. Haha~

For the birthday boy. 

My favourite black pepper crabs!!! 

Only can put one candle coz no candle holder. Don't want the cake to be full of wax!

Finished! But not drunk. 

Sorry, the time is 1:45am now so I'm just too tired to slowly do a collage for my photos although I have just come across some fantastic apps which allow me to make collages and beautify my photos. Shall share more about the apps another time.

PS: A very happy be-lated birthday to Sammie boy although I've already wished him on the actual day. Sorry that I didn't celebrate your birthday with you today but you have got many other people to celebrate with you =)


Robin said...

Thanks dear for everything once again

Shan said...

I haven't tried Baskin Robbins ice-cream. Is it nice?

Anonymous said...

So bad service?

Anonymous said...

That looks like a loveley day ^_^

Tars ice cream cake is the best!

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: No prob =)

@Shan: Not bad.

@Anonymous: Yeah lor =(

@Aimee: Too bad we don't have it here in Singapore =(